OOOPS.. Failed Purchase

We understand how this can be frustrating, and we sincerely apologies, let’s determine what might have caused this together.

OFailed Authentication

At UWM, we exclusively use 3D Secure payments. This means that, on occasion, an additional layer of verification may be required during your purchase. Your bank might prompt you for a one-time code sent to your mobile phone. To ensure a seamless transaction process, please ensure that you have this feature set up with your payment provider.

OInsufficient Funds

It’s imperative to ensure that your card has sufficient funds available before proceeding with a purchase. Having an adequately funded card not only ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction but also helps you avoid declined payments, which can be inconvenient and delay your access to the desired product or service. Regularly monitoring your account balance and maintaining an awareness of your spending limits is a responsible and practical approach to ensure that you can comfortably complete your purchases.

ODeclined By Card Issuer

Before finalizing a transaction, it’s crucial to verify that your bank is prepared to authorize it. In the event that a transaction is declined or blocked, it’s recommended to promptly contact your bank to ensure that they allow the transaction to proceed successfully. Banks often have security measures in place to protect your account, but these measures can occasionally interfere with legitimate purchases. A quick call or message to your bank’s customer support can resolve the issue, enabling you to reattempt the transaction without any hurdles. Ensuring this alignment between your bank and the transaction will help streamline the process and ensure your purchase is successful.

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