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Clients are provided with demo accounts that contain simulated funds for trading activities. Please note that all client trading operations are conducted in a simulated environment. 

Funding Hardworking Traders Worldwide.

Prime Challenge (Payouts In 8 Days)

A Community Helping Each Other Succeed. Our Funds, Your Skills, Your Future.

First Withdrawal On Demand Unlimited Days Available Up to 90% Profit Split EAs Allowed 125% Refund
Backed by a Broker Bi-weekly Payouts Available No Consistency Rules No SL Required Hold Over Weekend

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HJanuary Highest Single Payout

We are dedicated to educating and empowering you, assisting you in becoming the trader you aspire to become.

Trading, like any high-performance endeavour, requires skill, focus, and discipline.

UWM Capital

Demonstrate your trading prowess in our Trading Challenge. Upon successful completion, you'll have the opportunity to trade with up to $600k of our proprietary trading firm's capital and retain as much as 90% of your profits.

Mastery Courses

Acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary to thrive as a successful trader. This comprehensive learning experience encompasses technical analysis, psychological aspects, and a wealth of other crucial aspects of trading.

Our Community

Join our community to exchange trading ideas and engage in conversations with thousands of like-minded individuals, all committed to supporting each other's success.

We Offer It All.

Get a Dedicated Account Manager

At UnionWealthsManagement, we assign a dedicated account manager to each trader, ensuring that you have immediate access to answers for all your questions, around the clock, every day.

Pure Raw Spreads & Low Commissions

At UWM, we offer an extensive range of assets with exceptionally low commissions and ultra-competitive spreads. This empowers traders to engage in trading exotic pairs, delve into scalping strategies, and explore a multitude of trading opportunities.

Appropriate For All Trading Styles

At UWM, traders are encouraged to delve into various trading styles and strategies, encompassing swing trading, intraday trading, scalping, and more. Furthermore, traders have the liberty to employ Expert Advisors, Copiers, or other trading tools of their choice.

No Time Limits

We believe in allowing you the freedom to trade at your own pace. That's why we have removed any time constraints on all assessments, giving you the flexibility to pass them at your leisure.

Instant Payouts With Wire Or Crypto

Receive your payments through a variety of convenient options, including bank transfers, Binance, Coinbase, and various digital currencies.

8 Day Payouts

Introducing our groundbreaking Prime Challenge – experience 8-day payouts from the moment your live account begins. Step into a new era of trading challenges with UWM!

Free Weekly Webinars: Tuesday & Thursdays 2pm EST

We Offer The Best Tools For Our Traders

Gain access to our education directly On the dashboard

Track your trading progress with our Professional Dashboard

Trade using renowned applications (mobile friendly)

What Are The Next Steps

We've developed a distinctive Assessment Program designed to help achieve new or top-performing traders. We're keen to evaluate your skills and determine your potential for consistent profitability. Upon successful completion of our Assessment Program we will be happy to offer you a spot with our other UWM funded traders.

Traders will be trading on demo (virtual) capital on the challenges.

Choose Your Challenge

Quick and effortless – secure your platform credentials and commence trading with our virtual capital within a minute. Choose a challenge aligned with your preferred trading amount!

Pass Our Assessment Program

Achieve the profit target without surpassing the maximum drawdown in our dual-phase or single phase challenge. Upon successful completion, we'll conduct a KYC check and will be happy to offer you a position in UWM.

Your Journey As A UWM Funded Trader

Wonderful news! You're now generating genuine profits with an impressive 80% profit split right from the outset, but it doesn't stop there, we scale you up to 90%

Starting Your Journey

Become a full time UWM funded trader by taking our fair assessment process, and earning your way to being a full time trader.

You’re almost there

After passing the first step, now it becomes easier, with easier profit targets in order to accomplish the assessment with only a 5% target and unlimited time.

UWM Funded Trader

Congratulations trader on accomplishing such a phenomenal achievement, you are now on our live accounts of which, you earn up to 90% profit split.


Evaluation (2 Step)
Express (1 Step)
Swing (2 Step)

Choose your funding

Two Phases, less profit targets, get more drawdown room!

Trade up to

$ 600,000

Two Step Assessment Process

Phase 1 - 8% Target

Phase 2 - 5% Target

No Time Limit

5% Daily Drawdown

10% Overall Drawdown

5 Minimum Trading Days

Max allocation $600,000

Accounts or Account $100,000 or more will also get access to our Mastery Course and A Traders Mind course included!

Get Funded

100K Challenge For Only $399

All Education Included Use Code UWM100

To Summarize

  • No Time Limits
  • 8 Day Payout Option
  • Two Step Model
  • News Trading Allowed
  • EA's Allowed
  • Weekend & Overnight Holding
  • Leverage 1:100
  • 90% Profit Share
  • 14 Day Payouts
  • Balance Based Swing Accounts
  • Islamic (Swap/Interest Free Option)

How Much Can You Earn as a UWM Trader?

On average our full-time traders have a monthly profit rate of 7.3%. You receive up to 90% of those profits. 

Account size


Profit rate


Take home



A Traders Mind: Our Full Intensive Psychology Course

Our Renowned Mastery Course And For Free.

Unlock the secrets to successful trading with our Mastery Course, offering a deep dive into the world of trading. Explore every aspect of trading, from pre-trade analysis to post-trade review, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind each decision.

Many Success Stories Are You Next?

Our Community Offers It All.

We don't just fund you, we equip you with all tools and education needed.

Mastery Course

Everything you need to master technical analysis


Restructure how you think in the markets.

Community Chat

Share ideas with other professional traders.

Your Dedicated Manager

Any questions, anytime.


Join Our Discord

Talk with thousands of other like minded individuals all looking to succeed.

Fast and Easy Payouts

In your initial month, our payout ratio stands at 80:20, but it doesn't stop there. Upon achieving profitability for a second consecutive month with us, the ratio elevates to 85:15. If you fulfill the conditions outlined in our Scaling Plan, you'll not only see a 25% boost in your UWM Account balance, but the payout ratio will also automatically shift to an enticing 90:10.

Watch Successful UWM Trading Interviews

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24/7 Customer Support

With a team of over 15 live agents available around the clock, our response time consistently remains under 2 minutes, ensuring prompt assistance anytime, any day.

Become A UWM Funded Trader

Scale Up To 2M

We help you build the skill, maximize your profits and become the asset. Trade our funds and receive up to 90% profit!

Thousands Of Traders Worldwide.

Our community is what keeps us driven.

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We Sponsor Many Physical Activity Teams!

UWM Proud Sponsors

At UnionWealthsManagement, we recognize the significance of maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle, particularly to nurture a healthy trader's mindset. That's why we support various physical activities to help our traders thrive!