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Acquiring a Union Wealth Management account does not impede the continued growth of the trader-project relationship. On the contrary, the principles of growth can be found on this page. An increased account balance offers the trader the potential to grow positions while reducing risk.

It is important to note that our project shares a common objective with the trader. However, it should be recognized that periods of non-profit may occur as a result of the inherent risk associated with trading. Union Wealth Management does not offer any guarantees of returns. The UWM account is a simulated demo account utilizing real-time market quotes from liquidity providers.

Trades are executed at our discretion through the use of aggregated orders and our proprietary risk management algorithm, providing ease of administration and enabling active risk management in select markets.


5% of the initial balance 

10% of the initial balance 

Trading Objectives

Maximum Daily Loss

Maximum Overall Loss


4% of the initial balance

6% of the initial balance

Scaling Plan Highlights

    • Upgraded Profit Split to 90/10
    • Conservative and safe profit eligibility requirement
    • A very generous scale-up cap of $2M per trader
    • Continuous increments if eligibility criteria are met
    • Trading Objectives remain static
    • Eligibility automatically checked with each Profit Split


    Capital increases on the Union Wealth Management Account occur in four-month intervals. To qualify for an increase, the trader must generate a minimum net profit of 10%.

    Over four consecutive monthly cycles (equivalent to an average of 2.5% per month for accounts. Additionally, the trader must complete at least two payouts within the four-month period. It is crucial for the trader’s account balance to be higher than the original balance (with profit) at the time of scaling up.

    Eligibility is regularly assessed and a report on the status and necessary criteria is provided to our UWM traders with each profit division. If the criteria are met, traders have the option to approve a scaling-up of their account during the payout processing, and a larger UWM account will be assigned for their next trading period. Additionally, the calculation method for loss limits will adjust accordingly, remaining at 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss of the initial account balance after scaling-up. If the trader continues to meet account growth conditions and completes 2 payouts over the next 4 months, they will be eligible for a further increase in the demo capital by 25% of the initial UWM account balance. The maximum increase in demo capital per trader is set at $ 2M.


    As a part of the scale-up plan, UWM Traders will receive an upgraded Profit Split ratio of 90/10. This improved benefit applies to newly scaled-up accounts and not newly merged accounts with already scaled-up accounts. In case of merging a non-scaled-up account with a scaled-up account, the Profit Split ratio will be adjusted to 80/20.


    The UWM Evaluation Process with 200k USD initial account balance and fulfils the conditions for capital increments:

Elapsed Time Initial Balance Maximum Daily Loss Maximum Loss
0 months
$ 200,000
$ 10,000
$ 20,000
4 months
$ 250,000
$ 12,500
$ 25,000
8 months
$ 300,000
$ 15,000
$ 30,000
12 months
$ 350,000
$ 17,500
$ 35,000
16 months
$ 400,000
$ 20,000
$ 40,000

As demonstrated in the table, with the best possible outcome, a trader’s UWM Account balance can potentially double and the loss limits can be increased by two times after just one year and a third, regardless of the initial balance. Our Scaling Plan aims to inspire traders to approach their trading with consistency and caution, and to view their UWM Account as a long-term investment. It’s important to remember that there is no guarantee for returns and that all trading carries an inherent level of risk.

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